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This weekend was not easy… the clocks were turned back and everyone supposedly got an extra hour of sleep on Sunday morning. Someone forgot to tell my son! (And every other child)

Normally Matt wakes up around 6 am and can be persuaded to settle down for another 45 minutes or so of quiet time – he talks to himself, sings, reads a book, etc. This gives me (and on the weekends, my husband) time to wake up, have a cup of tea, basically get going before having to start running. Not on Sunday. 5:05 am. And there was no quiet time… he wanted up, he wanted breakfast, he wanted stories read to him. By 9 am he was starting to get tired and getting a bit cranky. Our plans to go hiking were nixed – he’d never make it (and unfortunately he won’t nap in the car or child carrier at this point but that’s another story). 

So we decided to go to Chapter’s. We’d be close enough to quickly get home when he was “done” and in the meantime the toys and books would distract him sufficiently to avoid a morning of continuous meltdowns. We got, there even before the doors were even open but fortunately the attached Starbucks was. Matt ran around telling everyone the book store wasn’t open and that keys were needed to open the doors. We weren’t alone – there were at least three other couples anxiously waiting for the doors to open to provide the distraction of their Kid’s Zone. The doors opened and there was a sigh of relief as the children busied themselves with books, trains and animals. More families arrived, coffee in hand, kids in tow – it was a bit of a party. A couple of hours later we carried a very tired boy out – we had made it through the morning (and as a bonus I was able to cross a couple of things off the Christmas list). The hardest part was over. After nap time a trip to the park, a couple of errands, dinner and a bath took us almost to the regular bedtime.

This morning was better and I’m hoping by tomorrow the new time will be routine.

How did you and yours adjust to the time change?