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Lots of fluids and lots of rest… so goes the saying when fighting a bug. They forgot one additional thing you need as a parent. Patience. Lots of Patience.

My little guy was sick this past week – nothing serious, just a little stomach bug.

As highly active, on-the-go people, the hardest thing about this week was to know when to do nothing. To cancel activities, to go home early, to just cuddle up together and watch a movie (okay, actually getting a cuddle was kind of nice – he’s usually too busy moving). To be patient.

Another thing requiring patience was dealing with a patient who just want to do everything but didn’t feel well enough to anything much at all.  At two, he still doesn’t quite understand being sick – he wanted to go, go, go as per usual. Makes for a grumpy and impatient patient… then again neither of his parents are good patients when they’re sick.

Finally as a parent, you need a lot of patience just to watch your child suffer from the bug. There’s nothing much you can do other than make them as comfortable as possible. To be patient while the bug runs it’s course. To wait for them to get better.

He’s almost back to normal this morning… I wonder if I hurry if I can get a little cuddle before he takes off?