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It’s Friday and I for one am very glad and not just for the ordinary reasons. While I’m happy that the weekend means playtime with Daddy, a birthday party on Saturday and a family adventure to the mountains on Sunday, I’m ecstatic that it’s Friday because the weather forecasters have promised this cold snap will break for the weekend. It’s been a week of temperatures dipping into the -40Cs with the wind and today is comparatively balmy at a -29C with the windchill. Don’t get me wrong, I love winter… but I’d rather winter be -5C with lots of snow and sunshine.

I have learned two things this week. 1 – It’s worth the effort to get outside every day, to enjoy the outdoors and interact with nature even for a little while. My son and I had some great adventures this week. 2 – It’s exhausting. Playing outside when it’s -39C is tiring… it takes more energy not only to play, walk through the snow and keep warm while outside but it also takes energy just to get ready. I’m ready for some sane temperatures… though the forecast of 10C on Wednesday seems a bit too dramatic a change… I do enjoy winter with snow and ice for sledding, skating and skiing.

It’s all about being happy and healthy… and even though you can’t see it, my son is grinning from ear to ear under all his layers. How was your week? Why are you happy it’s Friday?