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It’s time be looking at preschools in Calgary if you want you child to attend in the fall and I’ve been going a little crazy trying to find one I like. More importantly one that my son will like when he’s eight months older than he is now. There’s academic preschools and play-based preschools. There’s coops, independent and private schools. There’s Montessori and Reggio philosophies. There’s child-led  and adult-directed classes. The choices are limitless.

So I have my wish list and I’m researching madly as many of the classes have already been filled for the fall.

On my list: close to home, bright welcoming classroom, small teacher/child ratio, a mixture of free and structured play, teachers that assist with child-led learning, encourages self-discipline and self-reliance, has an outdoor component and is reasonably priced. Apparently, I may as well wish for the moon.

Especially in regards for children getting outside. One school responded that “all activities are indoors as we do not take children outside being located on busy [] street”.

Then today I come across a post which indicates that Grade 1 is based on zero-level knowledge and that those children that have already covered letters, numbers and colours may be bored. Hmmm… really?

My search continues…

What do you look for in a school for your child?