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This past Saturday morning dawned bright and sunny… it was a beautiful day to get out and do something active in the mountains as we’d planned. One problem, we didn’t really feel like it. We didn’t feel like getting a quick start. We didn’t feel like packing all the gear, clothes and food. We didn’t want to go out for the whole day.

Okay… What did we want to do? We  thought about going somewhere close for hiking or skating and decided we didn’t even want to move that much – we were feeling a little lazy and a little tired.

We were tempted by the bright sunshine and had the desire to get out so we decided one of our favourite inactive things to do – go for a drive. Where? No idea…doesn’t matter. We’d pick a direction and head down the road until we turned. So we had a yummy breakfast, packed up a couple of snacks and headed out. We had a great time! Our son talked non-stop for 3 hours straight… a running commentary from the back seat. We listened to some tunes. We made a couple stops so I could take some neat shots of the hoar frost and landscape. We’d turn down back roads to see what was at the end, saw some deer grazing in the field, made note of frozen ponds which would probably be home to waterfowl come spring and provide future experiences. We relaxed and enjoyed.

We spent time as a family and while it wasn’t as active or interactive as usual, on Saturday it was what worked for us. We were all happy and that is the Big Picture.

How did you enjoy your weekend?