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At the beginning of the year I wrote a post Looking Forward, Looking Back on planning some of our adventures for the coming year. At the time I’d compiled a list of potential people, things and places for us to see and do. Since then I’ve had a difficult time with any further planning. Today I figured out why. It’s goes against our nature for two reasons.

1. We are Explorers

We are not hikers, we are not kayakers, we are not campers… we are Explorers. We love going hiking but for us it’s not the end of the trail that’s important, it’s the journey down (and off) the trail that holds the joy. More than once we’ve had to turn around before the end of the trail because we’ve spent so much time exploring. We love going kayaking but it’s not the destination that holds our interest, it’s discovering the nooks and crannies of the lakes, rivers and marshes. We love camping but don’t ever spend any time at the camp site as we’re too busy exploring the area. It truly is the joy of the journey that holds our attention and while we usually reach the destination (if there is one), if we don’t it doesn’t really matter as long as we had fun along the way. Needless to say as a photography, my camera is always at the ready on our trips and if we come across something unexpected so much the better.

2. We are Spontaneous

Our best adventures are spontaneous – based on mood, weather and the freedom to turn left or right as our whim dictates. It’s always been that way with us. I remember one time a co-worker asked what I was going to be doing the coming weekend and when I said “nothing, we decided to stay home since the weather’s not going to be the nicest” she responded with a laugh and a “yeah, right”. Sure enough on Saturday afternoon when the weather forecaster announced clear skies for 24 hours before the next storm system hit, my husband and I decided to go camping and hit the bike trail along the lake (20 km each way) – after which we drove home in the predicted storm. Just last week, I wrote Adventures on the Back Roads about our spontaneous road trip.

So while some families focus on specific activities and can plan their year according to trails they want to cross country ski, deer they want to hunt or mountains they want to climb, an itinerary planned months in advance isn’t our style and in the end doesn’t work for us. With that in mind, I’m going to take a bit of time to plan a couple of the trips that require reservations booked months in advance, complete the list of possible adventures we’d like to do, and make sure our gear is ready to go. Once prepared, we’ll be ready to enjoy whatever adventures we find.

What type of adventurer are you?