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Those who know me or follow this blog regularly know that we are a tent camping family and love every chance we have to get out. However, this past weekend, as part of our birthday gift, my mom and stepfather set up their trailer for us out at Echo Lake Fishing Resort near Lumby, BC. In addition, they, along with my sister, took M to their place for a sleepover and a day of fun at the grandparents. The experiences were new. We’d never stayed at Echo Lake, we’d never been in a RV together and we’d never spent the night away from our son together.

We fell in love with Echo Lake and are already planning our next trip. Set within the boundaries of Echo Lake Provincial Park, Echo Lake Fishing Resort abounds with wildlife and magnificent views. We spent the weekend relaxing, kayaking, sitting by the fire and of course a “little” photography. M also loved the playground and the old boat filled with sand. While power boats are allowed on the lake they are limited to 10 hp and many of the boats had electric motors. This made for a peaceful environment for relaxing and kayaking, rather than dealing with the usual wake and noise of the motor boats.

The RV experience was a new one for us and it was quite different than tent camping. As with most things, there’s both advantages and disadvantages to both. For a weekend that was a little rainy and a little cool, it was nice to have a hot cup of tea in hand before venturing outside. There was hot water, heat and light at a flick of a switch. And though we had to pack in and out our stuff at the site, I could see the advantages of provisioning a trailer for the summer, replenishing supplies as they were needed. The biggest thing that I didn’t like about the trailer was the noise – the water pump, the furnace, the hot water tank. I also felt isolated from the nature at my doorstep.

Another first was that for the first time since the birth of our son, we spent a night on our own without him. The idea that for my son to spend the night at the grandparents while my husband and I had a night on our own originally occured after I read Bring The Kids post “Don’t Bring The Kids“. While we couldn’t run away for the weekend (as the closest grandparents live 550 kilometres away), I thought that perhaps we could combine it with a weekend visit to Vernon. Thankfully both my mother and stepfather were more than willing and when plan A fell through, they arranged and set up the whole trailer by the very cool lake deal. So late Saturday afternoon, we waved goodbye as my son left to have an adventure with grandma, grandpa and aunty. We took our kayaks out on the lake and the only thing we had to worry about was whether our out of shape kayaking muscles would get us back to camp. Meals were unscheduled and leisurely. And while the photographer in me thought about taking pictures at dawn, rolling over and sleeping until I woke was even nicer. As strange as it was not hearing M’s laughter ring throughout the campsite and as much as I love creating memories with him, I enjoyed the time that my husband and I had to reconnect and relax together as a couple. Moreover, by the sounds it, my son had a wonderful time with Grandma, Grandpa Gregg and Aunty Trish. Careful… now that we’ve experienced it we’re going to want to try it again 😉 

To finish off the weekend, everyone returned to the site to celebrate all the birthdays with a steak dinner cooked over the open fire. The next morning we packed and headed back home to Calgary.

New experiences and great memories… (not to mention 500 or so photographs) and summer is only just started.

Are you planning any special experiences for this summer?