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People are always asking me how I get such great photos of my son and so in the spirit of the Top 25 Photographer Moms contest, I’ve dug through my idea file to share some of my tips in this two part series. Part 1 will focus on capturing the image while part 2 will have tips on enhancing and sharing your photographs.

  1. Take lots of photos. Take your camera with you on your adventures big and small. It doesn’t have to be an expensive DSLR, it can be a small point and shoot or in a pinch your phone will do. It’s important to know your camera inside and out so that you’re focused on taking photos not on using your camera.
  2. Make sure the eyes are in focus. If you can selective focus with your camera, focus on the eyes. They are the window to the soul and a key to getting a good photo. 
  3. As in the photograph above, don’t worry about getting them to smile. Getting them to say “cheese” often ruins the moment. Capture them as they are.
  4. Tell a story with your photograph. Capture your child within the scene – you don’t even need to see their face.
  5. Use your telephoto lens or zoom function and take your photo without your child’s knowledge.
  6. Capture special memories such as this Father’s Day paddle.
  7. Enjoy. Don’t stress about getting the perfect photograph. You want to capture memories and you want them to be happy. Capture the scene then put the camera down and become part of the adventure. You can always pick it back up if the opportunity arises.

Watch for Part 2: Enhancing and Sharing Your Photographs early next week.

If you’re inspired, I’d love your support to be a Circle of Moms Top 25 Photographer Mom! Your vote would be greatly appreciated (you can cast your vote once each day). Finishing in the Top 25 would allow me to inspire even more families.