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I haven’t been posting much this week and the reason for that is that I’ve been trying to pull off a miracle.

It’s coming up on the long weekend here in Canada and probably the most popular camping weekend of year. You’ve got to plan ahead and book your reservations in the spring. We did that. Back at the beginning of the spring we planned our backcountry trip into Maligne Lake in Jasper National Park. The reservations were booked three months to the date to ensure we got in. The only question seemed to be whether M could last the trip (50+km) in the kayak or canoe.

Then summer started and we found out two unexpected things.

  1. It’s impossible for M to fall asleep alone in the tent no matter how exhaustedOnce asleep, he’ll sleep soundly until morning but it’s that transition to sleep that he has difficulties with. The only solutions have been to either go to sleep at the same time (and 8 o’clock is really early) or he will fall asleep in the carseat quickly and happily (not possible backcountry).
  2. M is very much a fair weather paddler. He loves the kayak, especially when he’s in the hatch, and would easily last the weekends paddling. He loves playing in the rain. But combine the two and he’s not having any of it. At three years old we can’t really blame him.

Hmm… what to do? One of the fundamental concepts of The Big Picture is we have to be happy and fulfilled as a family and as individuals. There’s no way to guarantee the weather and we wanted to enjoy the evenings of our trip instead of battling over bedtime. We finally came to the conclusion (and finally accepted) that the trip wasn’t going to happen this year. We cancelled the trip but were left with the question of what to do.

Camping Road Trip!

The newly planned route takes us through Banff NP, Yoho NP, Glacier NP, Revelstoke NP, the Thompson Okanagan region of BC and Jasper NP. We’ll explore some new territory as well as delve further into old, we’ll see some family, see some new sights and do some great hiking. Now for the magic trick… I actually found good camping sites the Saturday AND Sunday nights where we wanted. Now this might not seem like a huge deal but most campgrounds have been booked solid for months. So with those dates finally booked and the rest of the trip planned, on to the next piece of magic… pack with a toddler underfoot in the next 6 hours. Wish me luck!

What are your plans for the weekend? How are you enjoying your summer?