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A sense of peace and tranquility surrounds you as soon as you pull into Honeymoon Lake campground in Jasper National ParkThe Endless Chain Range is reflected in the mirrored surface of Honeymoon Lake disturbed only by a diving loon. When we first discovered Honeymoon Lake on the August long weekend, we knew we would return shortly with our kayaks and less than two weeks later we were back. This in itself says a lot – with such a variety to choose from, it’s rare that we’ll revisit the same campsite in the same year, nevermind so soon. With only 35 unserviced sites, it is one of the quietest front country campgrounds in the park. 

It’s a great staging area for the many activities in the area whether you want to visit Jasper Townside, view any number of waterfalls, go for a cruise on Maligne Lake or head into the backcountry. Just two kilometres south down the road is the trailhead for the Buck Lake, Honeymoon Lake and Osprey Lake trail which is a great family hike. Another two kilometres south is Sunwapta Falls. Twenty kilometres to north is Athabasca Falls and Jasper is an easy and scenic fifty kilometre drive.

We were lucky and got a site right near the water (they are first come first serve sites). As soon as we set up our tent and had a quick snack, we headed down to the water. When we put our kayaks in the water, we weren’t disappointed. While not a large lake, it has some interesting nooks and crannies to explore in our boats. M had a great time fishing for minnows in the shallow waters. Loons, heron, osprey and ducks make the lake their home. The variety of vistas and wildlife provided ample photographic opportunity from the cockpit of my boat. The waters were calm and the weather beautiful. A perfect way to spend a hot summer’s afternoon.

On this particular trip, we didn’t venture far. The weekend was spent kayaking the lake, hiking the nearby trails, sitting by the fire, playing and dipping into the lake which is warm enough to swim.

We’re sad that it’s now closed for the winter, we would have liked to check out during the fall, seeing the colours of the area and enjoying the peace of the lake. However, we consoled by the fact we’ll be back when it opens again. We found many new places to explore this summer and Honeymoon Lake is on our list of favourites.

Did you find any great new favourite places this year?