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One of our favourite things to do when we take road trips is to stop at local parks in the little towns en route. Sometimes we’ll stop for 15 minutes, while other times we’ll spend over an hour. Oftentimes we’ll combine the stop with a picnic. It’s always a time for us to let off some steam, get rid of the kinks and to learn about the little towns that we’d otherwise pass right by. Most of all it’s a time to run and play – all of us – you’ll find both my husband and I climbing the jungle gym with as much enthusiasm as M. For us, it’s a essential part of any trip. 

It always amazes me what great parks some of these small towns have. This weekend’s find on the way to Thanksgiving celebrations in Camrose was no exception. Delburne, Alberta – with a population of 765 – has this park with great playground complete with train, a spray park, an outdoor gym and a quiet memorial garden. What a great find!

We don’t stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing – George Bernard Shaw

What traditions do you have on your road trips? Do you stop at playgrounds when you’re on the road?